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Search Hints

The Geoff Williamson Image library contains some 2500 images covering
    - travel subjects  (European Cities,  The Spanish Balearic Islands, UK and Mexico)
    - marine, aviation and lifestyle topics. See suggested keywords page for scope of coverage.

It is suggested that searchers initially browse the search facility using one or two keywords to gain a general appreciation of the content of the image database eg
    Tall+Ship, Port+Palma, Mallorca, Palma, Ibiza, Menorca, Lisbon, Vienna.

An alternative method of obtaining a broad appreciation of the content of the image database is to examine some of the selected catalogues of images from the Image Catalogues section on the navigation bar below.

Keywords need to be input in the separate input boxes in sequence. For subsequent searches please use reset and enter ZZ into unused keyword search boxes (or YYYY into the exclusion keyword boxes). The page counter at the bottom of the thumbnail page will need to be reset to page 1  (  by clicking    |<  under the thumbnail list ).

Images are listed according to date and perceived significance. Thus when an image of interest is located users may wish to submit a search using a keyword or keywords from the listed description to bring out variations of the chosen image from the depths of the image database. eg if you like a picture of the Tall Ship "Simon Bolivar" then entering the keyword Simon will bring forth all shots of the vessel. (Use lower case or capitals which are regarded as equal).

Words do not need to be complete and singular words are preferred to plurals. Thus ship will select both entries ship and ships. Cruise + ship as separate keywords will generate all cruise ships. palma + cruise + ship will generate all cruise ships in the Port of Palma.  Para will select all parascending shots. If using the keyword boats generates images of interest of the Conde de Barcelona Classic Boats Regatta then using the keyword Conde will generate all similar images in the database. 

The first 3 keyword boxes allow the specification of inclusive search criteria eg Cruise + Palma (All images of cruise ships in Palma ). For an advanced search keywords 4 and 5 allow for the specification of images to be excluded eg Ports + Balear + ZZ -Palma-YYYY will generate thumbnails for all Port scenes in the Balearic Islands excluding the Port of Palma. Care should be taken that the use of exclusion keywords does not eliminate images of interest. ( In the above example a port selection will also generate airport images which can be excluded by using airport as an exclusion keyword).

Double click on the thumbnail to see a full screen image then click BACK to return to the thumbnail listing.

Suggestions for improvement will be welcomed. Key wording is not 100% and never will be. For assistance with specific searches please email.  


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The Geoff Williamson Image Collection.
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